“Grilled Whole Branzino Fish/ or European Sea Bass”

“Grilled Whole Branzino Fish/ European Sea Bass”


Branzino is also known as European Sea Bass. It is among the most popular fish from Mediterranean Sea. It has a mild flavor with very little bones to remove and it is easy to cook because it holds its shape after we grill it. It is a great light dish and can be served with salad, baked potatoes or just with grilled vegetables.

I will also suggest other Fish choices for this dish i.e.: Dorado, Red Fish,


Prep Time : 15 min
Cook Time : 25 min
Ready Time : 40min
Servings : 4


4 Branzino

1 onion/ cut round shape

2 Lemon / Cut round shape

1 tsp Sea Salt

1 tsp Mixed Pepper Corn (grind-ed pepper)

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1/4 cup chopped Basil

2 cloves Garlic ( minced)

Step 1:

You can buy a whole fish that has been gutted and scaled, but still wash the fish before you start the marinating process and after its cleaned place it on a deep dish.

Step 2:

Mix the following items on a small cup:

Olive oil, salt, mixed pepper corn (grind-ed), basil, 2 garlic cloves minced.

Step 3:

Pour over the fish and season it with the mixture

Step 4:

Prepare the following items on a cutting board:

1 Onion/cut round

1 Lemon/ cut round

Place them on top of the fish and let it sit for few hours and cover. If you don’t have too much time, don’t worry even last minute marinating is fine for this great recipe.

Step 5:


You can start warming your grill by turning high and Spray Fish Grilling Basket with Pam Grilling Spray ( It is a no-stick cooking spray) or if you don’t have this available you can brush your grilling basket with olive oil lightly before you place the fish.

Our other alternative way of cooking this dish is:

By Broiling in the oven /Broil in low Medium heat on a cooking pan for 15 minutes each side or until golden.

Step 6:

Grill the fish on the grill in low medium heat and do not touch until one side is golden( very important) and do the same process for other side.

You can insert an instant-read thermometer into the thickest part. Most of the fish is done when it reaches 115-125F. Simply grilling each side golden would make it perfect!

Step 7:

Serve it on a flat plate with salad or vegetables.

Bon Appetit!

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