“Aubergine w. mixed Vegetables”


This is a great Mediterranean dish that resembles a dish called “Imam Bayildi” from Turkey. It is usually prepared as an Appetizer. It is a great dish to be prepared a day before the dinner party and it is served in room temperature. I prepare it with a twist and use different ingredients then the typical recipe. I hope you will enjoy this dish with Pine-nuts and mushrooms, giving a different flavor to this great traditional Turkish dish!


Prep Time : 30min
Cook Time : 1 hr
Ready Time : 1 1/2 hr
Servings : 8 people

8 long thin Eggplants ( wash, trim the “heads” of the Eggplants and peel the eggplants in stripes)
2 large red Bell Peppers ( washed and cut into small stripes)
1 1/2 cup mushrooms ( cleaned and cut into small pieces)
3 Garlic Cloves ( peel and chopped)
2 tbs Basil or a small bunch( chopped)
1  Tbsp Pine Nuts
3tbsp Olive Oil
4 sugar cubes
Salt to taste

1 cup of Olive Oil  to fry the Eggplants ( or as much as needed to fry the Eggplants)

Step 1:

Wash, trim the heads of the eggplants and peel the them in strips. Place the eggplants in a bowl filled with water and add salt. Meanwhile chop all the ingredients one by one starting with bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic and basil.

Step 2:

Take the eggplants from the water mixture and drain the water, pat dry. Place the 1 cup Olive Oil into the frying pan ( you might need less, but it depends on the size of the eggplant). After the oil is hot brown the eggplants from all sides or until they have softened approximately for 10min in Medium heat. After you have browned the eggplants lay them on a tray with paper towel to get the excess fat.

Step 3:

Place the mushrooms on a pan and salt them lightly, cover until all there is no liquid left from the mushrooms. Add 3 tbsp olive oil and garlic, bell Peppers and last the pine nuts. Saute until all the vegetables are golden color!


Step 4:

Sprinkle the vegetable mixture with sugar and salt. Cover and cook the vegetables until they are soft and juicy!

Place the chopped basil last and mix with the cooked vegetables!

Step 5:

Place the browned eggplants on a baking pan and split open a pocket in each eggplant. Place the cooked vegetable mix into each eggplant and make sure to stuff each of them and by placing the eggplants side by side on the baking pan. Add 1/2 cup of water and place them in the oven  ( 350 F) for 30-35 min until they are golden.

Step 6:

Serve in room temperature and decorate with fresh basil, enjoy!

Bon Appetite!

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