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“Sultan’s Lamb Stew”


Perfect combination of flavors! This lamb dish is one of my favorite recipes to prepare. It is a practical recipe and filled with vegetables. It can be served with white rice or with pasta on the side.


Prep Time : 20min
Cook Time : 40-45 min
Ready Time : 80min
Servings : 6-8 servings


2 1/2 Lbs of boneless Lamb Stew Meat ( cut into 1 inch cubes)
4 garlic cloves ( peeled)
6 shallots ( peeled)
6 medium size tomatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)
10-12 Cherry Tomatoes ( cut from middle)
8-10 small baby potatoes ( peeled and washed)
1 fresh yellow pepper ( cut into 1/2 inch strips)
1/ 4 cup fresh chopped mint
1 tsp Salt
1/2 Tsp Crushed Pepper
1/2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
I don’t use any butter for this recipe!!!
To Decorate:
1 tbsp fresh chopped Mint
Step 1:

On a  large skillet with lid, first place the lamb

and then add each ingredients starting with shallots (6 peeled), and Garlic ( 4 peeled cloves),

the potatoes ( 8-10 peeled baby potatoes)

diced tomatoes,

cherry tomatoes ( 10-12, halved), bell pepper ( 1/2 inch strips),

cinnamon, Salt, Pepper and fresh Mint ( 1/4 cup, chopped).


Step 2:

Mix all the ingredients leave the lamb as much as possible on the bottom of the pot.

Place the lid and cover and cook for 40-45 minutes on medium low heat on the cook top without adding any water. The lamb relieves its own natural juice and blends with the tomatoes slowly. It gives a great natural taste…

Step 3:

Let it simmer for 20-25 minutes before serving. Decorate with with fresh mint and serve it with Pasta or white Rice!

Bon Appetit!





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“TALASH” Puff Pastry Pockets/ Turkish Cuisine)

“TALASH” Puff Pastry Pockets/ Turkish Cuisine

Original name: “Talash Boregi”


Puff pastry Pockets with Meat and vegetable filling. This dish is a great dish that can be used for many different ways. It can be used for dinner with a side salad, or for appetizer (by making them small sizes), they can be frozen too and can be baked when ever desired. Kids love this dish!


Prep Time : 30min
Cook Time : 20-25min
Ready Time : 50min
Servings : Depends on the size of the “Borek Pockets”
Puff Pastry Preparation:
Prep Time : 20min
Cook Time : 20-25min ( until they are golden color)
Ready Time : 45 min
Servings : Depends on the size of the “Borek Pockets”
5×5 pastry sheets will be 12 servings
2.5×2.5 pastry sheets can be  used for appetizer and will be 48 pieces


For the Filling:
1 lb Beef or lamb ( washed, trimmed and cut into small “dice size” pieces)
1 1/2tbsp butter
1 cup sweet peas (frozen)
1 cup mushroom ( washed, dried and cut into small pieces)
1 cup Carrots ( washed, peeled and cut into small pieces)
3 Roma Tomatoes ( peeled, cubed into small pieces)
1/2  tbs Tomato Paste
3 sugar cubes
1 tsp Salt ( sea salt)
1 tsp Pepper (crushed)
1 1/2 cup hot water
Ingredient for the Dough:
1 pkt of Puff Pastry Dough( frozen and I have used 1 lb 14 oz package)
The package I have used had twelve 5×5 pieces and I have used them to make my dinner size Boreks with 5×5 pastry sheets. So I had 12 servings.
to make the appetizer sizes you can cut the 5×5 pieces into 2.5×2.5 sheets and you will have 48 pieces.
Note On Meat: I usually buy Rib eye steak for this dish with the least amount of fat and also trim the fat and cut them into small pieces. It really tastes great. If you want to make it with Lamb it even tastes better but try to pick the leanest lamb stew meat from the grocery and cut into very small pieces almost the size “dice size”.

Cooking Temperature: 350F

Cooking Time: 15-20min ( until golden Brown)

Step 1:
In a saucepan place just the meat and saute it until all meat juice evaporates. Add 1 tbs butter until brown for few minutes. Place the sauteed meat on a different plate.

Step 2:
Add the mushrooms to the same saucepan and saute with some salt and drop of lemon juice until the juice evaporates. After add 1/2 tsp butter and brown for few minutes.

Step 3:
Place the meat with the mushrooms and add carrots ( diced into small pieces)and saute together for few more minutes.

After add the remaining ingredients peas (frozen) , tomatoes (peeled and chopped into small pieces), tomato paste, sugar, salt and pepper and mix them well.

Step 4:
Add  1 1/2 cup of hot water to the mixture, close the top and cook until most of the water in the mixture evaporates.
Step 5:
Our filling is done now. Let it cool before, we are ready to move to fill our puff pastry sheets. ( You can even make the inside the day before if you want to have less work!)
Cooking Tip: Don’t forget if you have any leftover filling after you use it for the pocket filling. You can serve it with rice next day for main course again…

For dinner serving cut 5×5 pieces.
For appetizer servings cut 2.5×2.5 pieces.
***You can freeze them if you don’t want to bake all of them by placing them on a Ziploc bag.

For the Puff Pastry Filling Instruction:
Step 6:
Cut the pieces and place the filling in the middle of each square.

Step 7:
Close the sides following these steps and press the sides with your fingers so the sides will stick together.

Next II:

Next III:

Next IV:
Place them on the tray by facing the smooth side of the pockets on the tray.

Dinner Size ( 5×5)

Appetizer size: (2.5×2.5)

Next V:
Brush each pocket with the egg yolk mixture equally and decorate with caraway seeds or sesame seeds if desired.
Step 8:
Bake 350F for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Bon Appetit!

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“Lamb Shanks”/ Turkish Cuisine

“Lamb Shanks”

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