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“Block 16″ Restaurant -Vail/ Colorado

This great new restaurant has just opened at the new Sebastian Hotel in Vail. I had the chance to try this great new place last week and loved the combination of flavors, presentation of each plate, and freshness of each meal prepared by the executive Chef Sergio Howland. He combines farm to table fresh recipes with delightful presentation and more important so tasteful in each bite. His recipes are unique and sets a different vision as a new restaurant to Vail. It is definitely a great addition to this great ski location. I have tried several items and they all were excellent and very fresh! I highly recommend following items and it is definitely a great restaurant to visit if you  get to visit VAIL!
1. Maine Lobster Salad:
Maine lobster salad-blood orange, mango, frisée, citrus emulsion, extra virgin olive oil
2. Seafood Risotto with Mushrooms
3. Halibut
Prepared with Alaskan halibut truffle-onion jus, roasted artichokes, potato dumplings

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“Philippe Restaurant & Lounge”

New, exciting, casual but very hip, excellent food and great location!!! It is definitely all of the above at this new exciting location “Philippe Restaurant & Lounge” on Post Oak Lane that just has been opened by great chef “Philippe Schmit”. It is featuring an interesting french menu in a stylish setting in this new restaurant. I have visited this great restaurant on Saturday and had a great experience. It looks like it is going to make a new style setting among Houston Restaurants. I loved the exciting menu and the accessible prices on their food menu and wine list. I have tried several items and they all came with great presentation. All were freshly prepared.

From my choices I highly recommendStarter..French cheeses with green apple jelly, fig-Banylus compote, green olive mousse, excellent dish toorSOUPThe French Onion Soup was also perfectly done…MAIN..But if you are a Seafood lover, then don’t miss the Fish and Shellfish bouillabaisse with fennel, saffron, tomato broth. It was filled with fresh seafood…Dessert Menu...was amazing! I have tried and will recommend especially jasmine crème brulée with banana ice cream and sesame butter cookie …Great selection!

A great restaurant to visit!

Congratulations Chef “Philippe Schmit”…


Bon Appetit…


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Arturo’s Uptown Park/ Houston

It is not just the food that makes a restaurant special, it is also the atmosphere that sets the great will to go back over and over again to a restaurant like “Arturo’s”. Especially on a sunny beautiful day, the terrace of Arturo’s Italian Restaurant in Uptown Park is always inviting. Lunch time is always filled with business people or friends meeting for lunch. Last week, I have enjoyed my lunch with the great setting, perfect service, and had the same great dish “Insalata Di Manzo” that I usually have for lunch.

This dish is a very light and healthy combination of sliced beef tenderloin over mixed greens with tomatoes, mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheeses, apples, walnuts and with a very light olive oil dressing. It was perfectly prepared as always!

I highly recommend “Arturo’s” for lunch or dinner with it’s great location in Uptown Park it is one of the great Italian restaurants to visit in Houston.

Arturo’s Uptown Park


Bon Appetit!


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In this page I will be sharing information about restaurants that I will be visiting and suggesting to you the ones with distinctive quality, flavors, and characteristics.

I am hoping that it will give you new and old restaurants ideas to visit and new items to try. I also think that this is going to give us ideas about new recipes. I will be limited to certain items on the menu that I will be trying at these restaurants on my visits, so it will not be a suggestion in general perspective of these restaurants quality. I hope you all will be enjoying this page and use it to explore as well. I am also open to your ideas for new places and new items for us to try.

I hope you all will enjoy this page!

Dilsat Baysal

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McCormick&Schmick’s/ Houston

“McCormick&Schmick’s/ Valentine’s Weekend!”- Houston

If you would like to try one of the largest selection of fresh seafood, great steaks, and delicious desserts,  McCormick & Schmick’s is the place to be. Situated in the hip new City Center in Houston, TX, it has a wonderful atmosphere, an interesting bar, and inviting decorations.

I recently visited this Valentine’s weekend, and despite their increase in business, they retained wonderful service. I was very impressed with the quality of the presentation in their menu selection. The variety of options on the menu, and the fact that their fish menu changes daily clearly shows that they strive for the best. This to me displays how much the restaurant values their customers and their dining experience. However, it is important that the menu lacks a specific price to their daily freash fish selection, making it hard for customers to decide on their meal of choice. I would suggest that they create next to the daily fresh fish choices their daily reflected prices, in order to allow customers to make better decisions.

It is important to also note that the restaurants menu has many great combinations of freshly prepared appetizers, soups, salad, seafood, poultry, side dishes and even sushi  specially prepared by the restaurant’s personal  sushi chef. This by itself is very impressive because this restaurant is primarily known for its seafood, so the addition of Asian cuisine is an interesting addition.

Over the past year, I have made few visits to this restaurant and a few items that have grown to become my favorites are…

1. “Lumb Blue Crab Cake Southwest with Jicama, Slaw and Poblano Cream Sauce”

I was impressed with the freshness of the crab and the size of the chunks that was used in the Crab Cake. The perfect combination of jicama, slaw and a lightly mixed poblano cream sauce paired with the crab cake created a unique taste. It could be described as the perfect mixture, not too heavy nor too light. Additionally, the presentation on the plate made it even more appetizing, and in general, I highly recommend this dish.

2. “Spicy Tuna Roll”

Normally, this dish is not prepared in regular seafood restaurants, and it is much more common to find it in a sushi restaurant. However, to my surprise, this dish had not only a wonderful presentation but great taste. I could describe it as both spicy and fresh, which is essential for tuna.

3. ” Redfish Skillet Blackened, Sauteéd Blue Crab Meat”

Red-fish is a mild white fish and if it is not well prepared it has the tendency to dry easily. It is a great fish to be used grilled or as simple stew as well.

This time in this recipe at McCormick, the chef had prepared it on a skillet with just salt Blackened perfectly and topped it with Blue Crab Meat. It was the perfect combination.  The only item on this plate that did not go well with this dish was the green beans. I would suggest to have it paired with a different side vegetable. I think it would be even more perfect, still great dish.

4. “Desert Trio prepared by the Chef”

Extra-Rich Chocolate Brownies topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake with Ganache Icing and  a cup of Chocolate Cream with Port Wine was just amazing. Perfect for Valentine’s Celebration!


I highly recommend for you all to visit this location at City Center in Houston.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

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“Eddie V’s” Restaurant

“Eddie V’s” Restaurant/ Upper Kirby

This restaurant is definitely is setting the standard to fine dinning in Houston. The menu offers a wide range of  food selection from Seafood to Meat selection. It has great atmosphere, great service. Definitely a great place to go back!

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“Escalante’s Mexican Grill”

“Escalante’s Mexican Grill”

We have visited “Escalante’s“( last Friday. This time  I tried something different then their regular menu items.

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“Catalan” Food and Wine/ Houston”

“Catalan” Food and Wine/Houston”

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