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“Philippe Restaurant & Lounge”

New, exciting, casual but very hip, excellent food and great location!!! It is definitely all of the above at this new exciting location “Philippe Restaurant & Lounge” on Post Oak Lane that just has been opened by great chef “Philippe Schmit”. It is featuring an interesting french menu in a stylish setting in this new restaurant. I have visited this great restaurant on Saturday and had a great experience. It looks like it is going to make a new style setting among Houston Restaurants. I loved the exciting menu and the accessible prices on their food menu and wine list. I have tried several items and they all came with great presentation. All were freshly prepared.

From my choices I highly recommendStarter..French cheeses with green apple jelly, fig-Banylus compote, green olive mousse, excellent dish toorSOUPThe French Onion Soup was also perfectly done…MAIN..But if you are a Seafood lover, then don’t miss the Fish and Shellfish bouillabaisse with fennel, saffron, tomato broth. It was filled with fresh seafood…Dessert Menu...was amazing! I have tried and will recommend especially jasmine crème brulée with banana ice cream and sesame butter cookie …Great selection!

A great restaurant to visit!

Congratulations Chef “Philippe Schmit”…


Bon Appetit…


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Arturo’s Uptown Park/ Houston

It is not just the food that makes a restaurant special, it is also the atmosphere that sets the great will to go back over and over again to a restaurant like “Arturo’s”. Especially on a sunny beautiful day, the terrace of Arturo’s Italian Restaurant in Uptown Park is always inviting. Lunch time is always filled with business people or friends meeting for lunch. Last week, I have enjoyed my lunch with the great setting, perfect service, and had the same great dish “Insalata Di Manzo” that I usually have for lunch.

This dish is a very light and healthy combination of sliced beef tenderloin over mixed greens with tomatoes, mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheeses, apples, walnuts and with a very light olive oil dressing. It was perfectly prepared as always!

I highly recommend “Arturo’s” for lunch or dinner with it’s great location in Uptown Park it is one of the great Italian restaurants to visit in Houston.

Arturo’s Uptown Park

/ http://www.arturosuptown.com/

Bon Appetit!


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“Eddie V’s” Restaurant

“Eddie V’s” Restaurant/ Upper Kirby

This restaurant is definitely is setting the standard to fine dinning in Houston. The menu offers a wide range of  food selection from Seafood to Meat selection. It has great atmosphere, great service. Definitely a great place to go back!

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“Escalante’s Mexican Grill”

“Escalante’s Mexican Grill”

We have visited “Escalante’s“(http://www.escalantes.net/) last Friday. This time  I tried something different then their regular menu items.

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“Catalan” Food and Wine/ Houston”

“Catalan” Food and Wine/Houston”

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