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“Block 16″ Restaurant -Vail/ Colorado

This great new restaurant has just opened at the new Sebastian Hotel in Vail. I had the chance to try this great new place last week and loved the combination of flavors, presentation of each plate, and freshness of each meal prepared by the executive Chef Sergio Howland. He combines farm to table fresh recipes with delightful presentation and more important so tasteful in each bite. His recipes are unique and sets a different vision as a new restaurant to Vail. It is definitely a great addition to this great ski location. I have tried several items and they all were excellent and very fresh! I highly recommend following items and it is definitely a great restaurant to visit if you  get to visit VAIL!
1. Maine Lobster Salad:
Maine lobster salad-blood orange, mango, frisée, citrus emulsion, extra virgin olive oil
2. Seafood Risotto with Mushrooms
3. Halibut
Prepared with Alaskan halibut truffle-onion jus, roasted artichokes, potato dumplings

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Arturo’s Uptown Park/ Houston

It is not just the food that makes a restaurant special, it is also the atmosphere that sets the great will to go back over and over again to a restaurant like “Arturo’s”. Especially on a sunny beautiful day, the terrace of Arturo’s Italian Restaurant in Uptown Park is always inviting. Lunch time is always filled with business people or friends meeting for lunch. Last week, I have enjoyed my lunch with the great setting, perfect service, and had the same great dish “Insalata Di Manzo” that I usually have for lunch.

This dish is a very light and healthy combination of sliced beef tenderloin over mixed greens with tomatoes, mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheeses, apples, walnuts and with a very light olive oil dressing. It was perfectly prepared as always!

I highly recommend “Arturo’s” for lunch or dinner with it’s great location in Uptown Park it is one of the great Italian restaurants to visit in Houston.

Arturo’s Uptown Park

/ http://www.arturosuptown.com/

Bon Appetit!


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“Eddie V’s” Restaurant

“Eddie V’s” Restaurant/ Upper Kirby

This restaurant is definitely is setting the standard to fine dinning in Houston. The menu offers a wide range of  food selection from Seafood to Meat selection. It has great atmosphere, great service. Definitely a great place to go back!

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